Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sweet on Trader Joe's Sunday : Mudd Pie

a review of Trader Joe's Mudd Pie | from a weekly #traderjoes review series
We want to make sure you guys are ready for Fat Tuesday. I had something else in my cart to review but put it back as soon as I spied this baby. It looked decadent and just the ticket for a splurge before Lent.

a review of Trader Joe's Mudd Pie | from a weekly #traderjoes review series
a review of Trader Joe's Mudd Pie | from a weekly #traderjoes review series
Trader Joe's Mudd Pie is an ice cream pie, and I misplaced my receipt, so I'm going to guess it's in the neighborhood of 5 bucks. Described by Trader Joe's as "coffee ice cream with a fudge swirl in a chocolate crust."

[Note: be careful as you cut into it...I got a little forceful with the knife and went all the way through the foil pan.]

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

We Love You,, Cookies. (Bye Bye Birdie Cookies)

I CANNOT believe that I forgot to post these. I only realized it when I was searching my own blog (I know, it's weird) for these cookies and saw they weren't there.

bye bye birdie decorated cookies
Way back in November (remember November?), Jack's school put on their very first full-length theater production, Bye Bye Birdie. The school is new and one of the things I love about it is that the students have the chance to try different activities. In other words, the kids don't need to have played competitive soccer since the age of 3 to be on the high school soccer team.

bye bye birdie decorated cookies
Jack tried out for the musical despite never having been in choir. He's a musical kid...he learned piano by ear, but I've never really heard him sing.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bourbon Banana Bread

Jack and I will basically be passing Mr. E in the airport today. We leave on a little college-related trip at about the same time Mr. E gets home from a business trip.

bourbon banana bread
I'll admit that I've never been one of those wives to pack the freezer with casseroles for when I'm out-of-town. A. I never go anywhere, and B. there's always a box of taquitos available.
( I'm feeling like a bad wife.)

how to make bourbon banana bread with buttered pecans
Anyhoo...yesterday, I decided to break into Mr. E's Maker's Mark (not to drink it) and make some bourbon banana bread for him to have while we're gone.

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